The <a href=""></a> uncommon sex-life of a display screen goddess

Catherine Shoard

Catherine Shoard product reviews Kate: The Lady Who Had Been Katharine Hepburn by William J. Mann

That Katharine Hepburn swung both methods is certainly not, on expression, too big a bombshell. She called herself ‘Jimmy’. She won her first golf competition aged 16. She invested three decades with somebody called Phyllis. ‘I place jeans on 50 years back and declared sort of center road, ‘ she stated, aged 70.

There have been other tips, too – ‘I would personallyn’t provide you with 10 guys for almost any one girl, ‘ she once insisted. ‘All guys are poops. ‘

No, the surprise of William J. Mann’s jumbo revisionist biography is merely just exactly exactly how people that are many her had been similarly inclined. First from the wardrobe is Katharine’s cousin, Tom, simply 15 as he killed himself, most likely being a total consequence of their intimate confusion. Save from Kate’s short-lived industrialist spouse, Ludlow Ogden Smith, all her boyfriends had been bisexual, including Howard Hughes, John Ford as well as Spencer Tracey.

Her platonic pals, too – Binkie Beaumont, Bobby Helpmann, Noel Taylor – were, like Hepburn’s longest-standing male chum, George Cukor, energetically homosexual. Likewise her biographers: A. Scott Berg, Garson Kanin and Mann himself (whose past publications consist of a biography of John Schlesinger and Behind the Screen: just exactly How Gays and Lesbians Hollywood that is shaped).

Even though it isn’t therefore astonishing that Hepburn really liked ladies, it really is a surprise how many of those she clocked up. Her very very first event is at university having a girl that is devoted Alice Palache. She quickly managed to move on – via a couple of guys – to Laura Harding, with who she had a long-lasting relationship topped up in recent times with Brokeback Mountain-style nation jaunts.

There is Nancy Hamilton and Frances deep, Constance Collier and Elissa Landi, plus others that are countless. Exactly just exactly How in the world did she keep all of this through the press? Semantic hopscotch, apparently: ‘lesbian’ was, for Hepburn, a particular term to explain a really butch girl, maybe maybe not her type at all (though by the appearance regarding the pictures, a few of her fans had been in the tough part).

Hepburn was aided, too, by the reality she did often fell for guys, and also by her dislike that is general of – the chasteness of nearly all her relationships intended she don’t need to lie way too much about them. She hadn’t had a fling with John Ford, she was – technically at least – telling the truth when she protested.

Mann believes this prizing of companionship over passion is vital to Hepburn’s therapy. But he is additionally keen to not be too prurient, to not cheapen the tone, that it existed so we never learn the source of Hepburn’s erotic horror, just get lots of confirmation. ‘She attempted sex once and merely did not enjoy it, ‘ claims a vintage university buddy. However it appears to run much much deeper than simple distaste – evidently if she is at the flicks and a nude scene flickered up, Hepburn would leave in a huff.

Nevertheless, uncommon because it may appear, Hepburn’s love life struggled to obtain her. The ladies she went with by and large felt likewise unexcited about going to sleep with somebody. The males could have was keener, not always with Hepburn.

Also her relationship with Tracey jogged along. She ended up being fond an adequate amount of him to play nursing assistant through their last 5 years, time for their part after an almost stretch that is equal of separation. They never shared the exact same house – Hepburn lived having a succession of girls, Tracey along with his spouse, Louise, or alone and checked out by others, in specific a chap called Scotty – nonetheless they enjoyed one another’s business.

Though they hardly ever really holidayed together, they would be just too very happy to be sure their paths crossed: ‘They’d all have actually dinner together, then Kate would set off with Fran on a boat. ‘ Amicable, then, devoted in its way that is own a million kilometers through the epic 25-year love of Hollywood legend.

Mann brilliantly traces exactly just how Hepburn by by herself gradually purchased in to the Hepburn/Tracey brand name – initially livid concerning the intimate fictions prepared up by her old buddy Kanin in a novel in 1971, she changed her mind to this kind of level that two decades later on she collaborated with him on a souped-up rewrite.

Because of the finish, Mann shows, she peddled with misconception not just for PR purposes but solace that is personal her final years, despite Phyllis’s ministrations, had been lonely and boozy, emotionally volatile and faintly hopeless.

Mann keeps the main focus of their biography remorselessly individual. He will not, he claims into the introduction, like to rehash plot outlines from her movies, nor weigh in together with viewpoints to them, as well as first the center leaps to hear therefore. But after 200 pages of unrelieved detergent it’s not hard to feel only a little swamped.

Mann may effectively debunk the different urban myths of Katharine the dedicated wife, Katharine the man-eater, and, specially, Katharine the dignified senior reclusive. However in their destination he just produces a brand new one – Katharine the coy diva, the publicity-hungry tease, forever goading reporters to attempt to figure her away. ‘You’ll never ever have it appropriate! No body ever does! ‘ Can Mann? Perhaps – all of it appears plausible sufficient. The issue is that after 600 pages you are simply past caring.