Looking to create photos using a bright and light essence? Do you want to enhance your pictures with peachy pinks, creamy skin tones, cool greens and blues, and more? If this is the case, this assortment of Adobe Lightroom presets is perfect for you! In actuality, this is one of the most popular set of Lightroom presets. Everybody from professional portrait photographers, wedding photographers, family photographers, newborn photographers, landscape photographers and much more enjoy such pastel presets. Light & Airy Pastel Tones This group of 35 pastel colors are easy to use and flexible! Enhance your photos with a light and airy mood. A variety of colours are included to enhance your photos with peachy pinks, cool blue or greens, creamy skin tones and more! What type of photos if you utilize these Fall presets on? Well, since these presets were created with Fall colours in your mind… it’s best to use on outdoor photographs (with foliage). It isn’t important whether it is only a photograph of a picture or a outside portrait (or marriage or anything else shot outside). Any pre-saved edit you apply to your images, whether ours or someone else, the edits applied are non-destructive. In other words, they do not harm the original file. You can easily eliminate the edits by manually FREE Blogger Lightroom Presets resetting the»edit» configurations or simply by employing a new preset. This is fantastic news since it also means you can adjust any edits applied for best results… for YOUR picture. Any presets you apply are only that…»edits». Edits which were saved as a preset (for subsequent use) were done dependent on the imaginative vision of the man performing the edits AND the photo they were applying them also. Photos (and their histograms) are like snowflakes. No two are alike! Thus, it is reasonable that a preset made for one photo not be ideal for another. There are times that you have to make alterations until you’re delighted with the results. Which is super-duper simple to do! If you’re new to Adobe Lightroom I will explain to you how you can adjust any edits to achieve the outcomes that you want. If you have some experience in Lightroom then it is possible to apply one of these presets as a starting point for your creative vision. The following free pastel presets aren’t contained in the premium collection (above). After installing the free presets you’ll be able to find out how to put in Lightroom presets them under 60 seconds. As an added bonus you don’t have to present your email address to download all these free pastel presets!